Friday, August 26, 2011

So Long Since I was Last Here

First of all I have to say that I have had a lot of help from so many friends! This week our Pastor and four deacons from our church came to talk and pray and serve us the Lords Supper. Right after that another old friend came by with some beautiful cupcakes. My sisters husband has be SO helpful in many ways. Yesterday he took off of work to help me get an air conditioner ready to pick up and then helped install the new one. Before that he took me all over the place trying to find a new air conditioner, then he paid for it, then he installed it with me.

Of course my Mother in Law has been here helping a LOT, and others that will remain anonymous.

Angie was sleeping a little. She decided that I could make her some lunch now. Last week one of her doctors mentioned hospice. He also said that a he would put her in a median survival bin of 6 months. Her family doctor said not to even think about that and thinks she had picked up a bug that was making her feel bad. I took her temperature with a digital touch thermometer and said she was "normal". He touched her and said she had a little over 99 degrees. I used a regular thermometer and it verified what he said... 99.3 degrees. He gave her some antibiotics. She had already quit throwing up then, and feels better now.

She had quit walking for about a week due to the illness and pain. Now she has started again. 70 steps the day before yesterday, and about 35 yesterday.

Bills continue to come in and sometimes I feel like I'm drowning. She has asked me to stay home and care for her and that is more important than money. I need to worry lest and pray more... but it is hard.