Monday, September 3, 2012

Finally Resting

I can't believe it has been almost a year since my last Blog... I'm writing this for me as much as anyone, but all are welcome to read and comment.

Angie died on August the 30th at 4:10 am.

April had started school the week before. I called her Wednesday night and told her that I thought her mother was dying and that I could send my brother in law to pick her up. She was home in about 2 hours.

I had noticed before that her breathing was shallower and more rapid; That is what led me to call April. Angie had stopped responding to us Sunday evening. She opened her eyes a little on Monday morning when April was leaving for school.

Angie had her morphine increased on Monday and again on Tuesday and we started giving her Lorazepam and Scopolamine injections into her sub-cu port every 2 hours. I did the injections on Tuesday night While her mother slept. On Wednesday night Her mother gave her the injections and I just set the timer. I was very tired and was not much help. I woke up twenty minutes before the timer was going to go off. I watched her for a few minutes and saw that she wasn't breathing. Of course you keep checking... you're never ready for that. She was still warm. I'm not sure why I woke up at that time. I'll always say it was because she had just died.

We had all been sleeping in the living room. April eventually went to bed after the hospice nurse came and went.A little later the funeral home people came and got her body. I went to the funeral home at about 11:00am with April. They came and got the bed at about 2:pm. A few people came by, and after that April and I went for a ride and looked for some geocaches.

My mom cut my hair on Friday, after we went for a walk. April and I did something in the afternoon... I don't remember what. The funeral was on Saturday. None of what happened was as bad as I thought it would be. It is sad to think about leaving her at the grave; but she wasn't there... just her body.

I went to church for the first time in over a year on Sunday morning. April and I found another geocache in the afternoon and made a quick run through the Grayville Days festival.

I went for a walk this morning with my mother and another walk this afternoon with April and ate some pizza with her at Pizza Hut. Tomorrow I'll take April back to school and start waiting for God to show me what's next.