Sunday, May 8, 2011

Paraneoplastic Syndrome

Para... along side
Plastic... pertaining to plasm... material forming cells
Syndrome...association of several clinically recognizable features

 So Paraneoplastic Syndrome is an association of several clinically recognizable features that go along side of new growth tissue (tumor).

My wife has numbness, pain, loss of sensory nerve function including extreme dis-coordination. As it turns out the sensory nerves have SO much to do with normal coordination and it is an automatic response. She can walk much better if she concentrates on it. Add talking and it gets much worse. Either way her balance is so bad right now that she must have help walking. However just 3 days ago she wasn't walking at all.

The first chemo treatment was April 25, 2011. Next chemo is on the 16th. Her chemo is IV and is three days in a row with 3 weeks in between. As the cancer shrinks the coordination will hopefully return.

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