Friday, September 2, 2011

Worry... It Won't Help

I had a little problem today. I was trying to pay some bills, which causes me much stress. I called one of the people I owed money too and my right eye started blacking out on me. It only lasted a couple of minutes. and went back to normal. I checked my blood pressure afterward and it was up to 155/102 for a while. I took my blood pressure medicine and a little later I to 1/4 of one of Angie's lorazepams. in two and a half hours it was down to 114/74. I'm sure that it is just stress now.

This happened a few months ago... the second week of February. It happened on and off for three or four days. It's called "amaurosis fugax" and may signal the possibility of a stroke. I pray God watches over me so I can care for my wife.

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