Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Last Outing

Well, hopefully not the actual last outing.

Angie had been watching the weather and picked Monday to go shopping and eat out. We ate first and it was a okay meal with bad service. I'm not sure how many of us got sick afterward. Angie did. April made a quick trip to the restroom as did I, when I got home.

We went to the mall and April and I walked around while Angie and her mom shopped for warm nightgowns. Apparently right after we left them Angie got sick but they made it to the restroom at Penney's before she was threw up. She wanted to continue shopping though, and they did! Luckily I wasn't there.

Angie slept on the way home and doesn't remember the trip home or the rest of that night. The next day was a big day of visits from the nurse, social worker, and hospice volunteer; and Angie did remarkably well!

Today she is sleeping well, but did wake up to take her pills. Her friend will be here soon with donuts!

Thank you Lord for everything you've given us!

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