Monday, October 17, 2011

Not to Good Today

She is cold today. She is hurting a lot today. She is nauseated a bit.She coughed a little last night.  She did just ask me to get her something to eat and take off some covers, so I think she is feeling better.

At 10:00am I took her to the bathroom and afterward I rubbed her arms and legs with Biofreeze. I think it is great stuff. An extra pain pill and a promethazine. Some tea. Love. Prayer. I hope I'm not forgetting anything.

I am going to go to town and pay my property taxes and get stuff to make a cherry cobbler thing:

2 can cherry pie filling in a 9X12 pan
1 box of yellow cake mix with
a little cinnamon added, fork into
1 stick of melted butter until crumbly.
Bake @ 350 until the topping is light brown.

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